Replacement sliding patio doors

Easy to use without moving furniture or curtains – making them perfect for smaller rooms. Even on a modestly sized sliding door, large, clear expanses of glass allow uninterrupted views and flood rooms with light. Larger installations can be truly dramatic.

  • Configurations
    2, 3 or 4-pane layouts are possible with the largest 4-pane styles offering a span of almost 6 meters.
  • Easy opening
    Our fabricator’s easy-glide track system allows even large sliding patio door configurations to be opened with astonishing ease.
  • Handles
    We will be delighted to show you the wide range of handles that can be used on our sliding patio doors, offering the best options to match any interior.
  • Stylish
    Our sliding doors are elegant and stylish.
  • Low Threshold
    Our fabricator’s low threshold can be further reduced with a low threshold option.
  • Durable
    Our sliding patio doors’ PVC-U profiles are slim but strong, robust enough to cope year after year with both the British weather and the realities of a busy family home.
  • Triple track option
    The triple-track style offers more flexibility than a conventional patio door because more of the individual panes can slide. Once opened, up to three panes can be stacked neatly behind each other. It’s tidy and it saves space – with a Triple Track, you don’t need to move furniture, either indoors or on the patio when you want to really open up your home.