Replacement French doors

Capturing European charm, French doors feature a  ‘flying mullion’ making them high accessible. Each door can also be operated individually for practicality.

  • Configurations
    Our French doors are available as either ‘open in’ or ‘open out’ styles, with an optional mid-rail.
  • Glazing
    There is a wide range of glazing options for French Doors, so they can be truly tailored to individual specifications. Bespoke glazing platforms, means glazing units can be fitted more effectively and the unique beading system means faster glazing and an attractive finish.
  • Handles
    We will be delighted to show you the wide range of handles that can be used on our French doors, offering the best options to match any interior.
  • Stylish
    The ultra slim sightlines designed into our French doors allow in maximum light, resulting in more attractive doors. Ideal as an alternative to Patio or Bi-folding doors, when the aperture is more limiting.
  • Low Threshold
    Our fabricator’s low threshold is just 15mm high and offers easy access for family living along with Part M compliance – or their 24mm thermally broken threshold which also achieves Part M when fitted with optional single or double ramp.
  • Low U-Values
    The French door is capable of achieving a U-value as low as 1.3 with cost effective double glazing and 1.0 with EnergyPlus profile and triple glazing.
  • Weatherproof
    Our fabricator’s patented bubble gasket is co-extruded as part of the manufacturing process, meaning a continuous seal all the way round, eliminating draughts and providing resistance to water.