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uPVC replacement doors

UPvc panel doors

The UPvc panel option is the best ‘other choice’ for a front door, its now available in a number of colours, but with more traditional designs than the composite option. It is also a slightly more cost effective solution, and with a lot of different variations.

UPvc cruciform doors

The UPvc cruciform option is generally used for the typical back door design, however with some fancy glass it can make a nice alternative as a front door, and it does benefit from the extra strength over a typical panel door, but being the cheapest option.
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Composite replacement doors

Composite & Ultra-Modern composite Doors

The composite range offers a huge amount of options with the added bonus of different coloured options, this is coupled with the added strength and security of a solid composite door. Obviously though, this comes at a cost, making it a nice option as a front door.

Premium Solid Core replacement doors

Premium Solid Core Composite Doors

Featuring a unique solid core with exclusive door furniture, a wide range of exterior & interior colours and high security features, these doors are both sophisticated and high performance.

Premium dual rebate replacement doors

Premium dual rebate replacement doors

A double rebate system adds additional draught protection to your door by creating an internal secondary rebated seal. Adding to that triple glazing and high security features gives a premium quality door that looks great, is energy efficient and highly secure.

Premium Aluminium replacement doors

Premium Aluminium replacement doors

This revolutionary new door design turns the traditional look of a composite door on its head and offers an unrivalled ultra-modern finish. Comparable to an aluminium door in everything but price, it exudes luxurious style and delivers a premium architectural finish.

Free 12 month checkup

As part of our commitment to quality service and quality products; call us one year after installing your door(s) and we will pop around to check, lubricate and adjust them to make sure they are operating smoothly and efficiently.

See what a difference a new door can make…

From this:

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Or go for something really contemporary… Orange door with grey frame: