apple home improvements install traditional and contemporary conservatories

Traditional Conservatories

Traditional conservatories like Victorian, Edwardian and P shapes, have always been a staple with the British public. In the current economic climate, gone are the days of just putting a plastic building on the back of your house, because you could afford to!


Now you have to consider your purchase and make sure you will get the use, equity increase, and ultimately value for money out of your building project.

At apple this is paramount in our planning of your desired structure, we will make sure that it is usable and, most of all, complements your property. Considering factors like glass roofs, coloured profiles, use of full height glass panels and overall shape of conservatory.

Gone are the days of just sticking a 6 grand plastic monstrosity on the back of your house!

Call or email for a no obligation quote; using our free design service, and a photo of your house, we can show you how your planned conservatory will actually appear in situ!

Consider the following uses for your conservatory

  • Dining room
  • Office
  • Playroom
  • Extra bedroom
  • Kitchen extension

Consider the following design options

  • Modern lean to
  • Hipped lean to
  • Gable fronted
  • P shape
  • Victorian
  • Edwardian

Contemporary/Specialist Conservatories

We offer all kinds of exciting alternatives to traditional conservatory styles and materials. Find out more…

Specialist Conservatory, Huntingdon

Bespoke designed structures, all kinds of options available.


Wood, plastic, aluminium or even wood inside and Ali outside

Profile colours

Any RAL colour or even Farrow & Ball colours

Skypod roof

Eye catching – flooding interior with light.

Glass roof

Clear, blue, green, grey, bronze tinted glass roofs

Call or email to book your no obligation appointment

Specialist Conservatory, Huntingdon
Specialist Conservatory
Specialist Conservatory, Huntingdon

Conservatory refurbishments

Want to improve your existing conservatory without the cost of a new build? Find out more…